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November 2012 "Merchants Of Wisdom" Financial Advisor
September 2012 "Less Is More" Financial Advisor
August 2012 "168 Hours a Week of Retirement? Better Get a Job" Daily Freeman
July 2012 "The Story, The Characters and The Plot" Financial Advisor
May 2012 "The 'More Time' Myth" Financial Advisor
May 2012 "The Investment Coach (Dunwoody Chronicle)" Dunwoody Chronicle
April 2012 "ASPPA Recap" ASPPA
March 2012 "Abracadabra! Retirement links in a flash" The Register-Guard
January 2012 "I Saw the Movie - February 2012" FA Magazine
October 2011 "The Retirement That Works III" Financial Advisor
October 2011 "It's OK to not Retire Like Your Parents" Rockford Register Star
October 2011 "The New Way to Retire"
October 2011 "The Investment Coach" Dunwoody Chronicle
September 2011 "The Retirement that Works II" Financial Advisor
September 2011 "Financial Advisors Ask the Wrong Questions" Reuters Money
August 2011 "Career Coach" Financial Planning
July 2011 "The Evolving Client Profile" Financial Advisor
June 2011 "Making Your Clients Feel Understood" Advisor One
June 2011 "Seven Ways Clients Sabotage Conversations" Advisor One
May 2011 "Locating Socrates" Financial Advisor
March 2011 "Get A Life" Research
March 2011 "Mythical Nirvanas" Financial Advisor
January 2011 "The Retirement That Works" Financial Advisor
November 2010 "Skin in the Game" Financial Advisor
October 2010 "Re-Thinking Retirement: 
Beyond Conventional Wisdom"
September 2010 "Money and Maturity" Financial Advisor
July 2010 "Return on Life Realities" Financial Advisor
May 2010 "Return on Life" Financial Advisor
May 2010 "You, Your Advisor, and Your Cash
Are in it for Life
Personal Finance
April 2010 "The Emotional Side of Transition" Financial Advisor
March 2010 "Leveraging Your Time for Fun and Profits" Dental Products Report
March 2010 "My Heroes" Financial Advisor
March 2010 "What Do People Want Their Money to Do?" The Integrative Advisor
March 2010 "Five Steps to Rethinking Your Retirement Plans"
January 2010 "KBK's Top 5 Favorite Books on
Wealth and Money Psychology"
January 2010 "The Size of a Nest Egg is
No Measure of a Man"
January 2010 "The Next Generation"  Financial Advisor

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