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The Cash in the Hat book cover

The Cash in the Hat (Book)

by Mitch Anthony
Illustrations by Greg Wimmer

$12.95 (Hardcover, Color throughout)

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This book is part of Mitch Anthony's Financial Lit-Kit Collection

"I just received a copy of your book and sat here and read the entire book out loud. I absolutely love it and think it is going to be a hit for this program. I know you have been working on this for some time, but I wanted to say a BIG thank you to you and Greg Wimmer for the awesome job. This little book is going to make a great difference for a lot of people." —Client, Georgia



The Cash in The Hat from Mitch Anthony on Vimeo.

photo of clients  
Financial Advantage Services, Inc. clients enjoy their copies of
The Cash in the Hat.

"'s nice to see someone trying to increase financial literacy."
—Grace Williams, Wall Street Journal


Families need to understand the importance of getting their debt under control in a way that will make them stand up, take notice, and take action. How much they spend is the only financial issue totally within their control.

In a style that is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss but fortified with the common sense of Warren Buffet, The Cash in the Hat is a simple story that delivers a powerful message in an entertaining way: if you don't get your financial house in order, you're sunk. Based on feedback and requests from financial professionals for a tool that will help them get the word out about understanding the importance of financial discipline, Mitch Anthony and artist Greg Wimmer have created a beautifully illustrated book to help families understand the importance of living within their means. If you or someone you know hasn't responded well to charts, checklists, graphs, or 350-page tomes about how to be a better investor, The Cash in the Hat is the perfect way to help drive home the message of fiscal responsibility.

Mitch is committed to helping every investor in America understand the importance of taking control of their financial future without being berated, bulldozed, or bullied. The Cash in the Hat drives home the message of financial fitness in an entertaining way that both adults and their children can appreciate.

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