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Defining Conversations book cover

Defining Conversations (Book)

A Little Book About a Big Idea

by Scott West and Mitch Anthony

$15.95 (Hardcover)


The follow-up to the groundbreaking bestseller,
StorySelling for Financial Advisors is now available!


Instead of conversing, we message each other, which leaves us open to misinterpretation—or worse. In conversation, you can hear the inflection; the cadence; the mood. With messaging (including texting), it is far too easy to misread intentions—simply put, too many people don't know how to have a meaningful conversation.

Defining Conversations is a book about how to have conversations of substance—the ones that get real results. In this short and entertaining book, Mitch Anthony and Scott West will show you how to understand other points of view, hear both thoughts and feelings on a topic, and comprehend a conversation's significance. They'll introduce you to conversation saboteurs, show you how to identify counterfeit conversations, and reveal the one question that will set you apart. Whether you are an initiator or a respondent in a conversation, once you master a defining conversation, your credibility will rise—as will the quality of people who seek you out.

There are issues in business and in life that are too important to be addressed by messaging or texting. The bottom line is that in order to make progress in working with and relating to others, you must understand how to identify and have defining conversations.

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