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Where Did the Money Go? cover

Where Did the Money Go? (Book)

by Mitch Anthony (Illustrations by Greg Wimmer)

$12.95 (Hardcover, Color throughout)

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This book is part of Mitch Anthony's Financial Lit-Kit Collection


Good financial habits take time, patience, and persistence—but that doesn't mean learning about them needs to be boring.

In the final volume of Mitch Anthony's The Financial Lit-Kit, readers will learn the importance of budgeting and sticking to a plan as they help Private "Eye" Guy and his Lost Money Hound solve the mystery of what happened to Molly and Wally's money. Both children and parents will discover what transpires when they don't pay attention, and instead allow impulsive decisions and unscrupulous people to make decisions for them.

Beautifully illustrated and fun to read, Where Did the Money Go? will help all family members understand the importance of living within their means. The book can be read alone, or in conjunction with The Cash in the Hat and The Bean is Not Green.

When it comes to learning about money, study after study has shown that not teaching kids about the importance of managing money responsibly can lead to bad money decisions later in life.


The Cash in the Hat
The Cash in the Hat (DVD and Study Guide)
The Bean is Not Green
The Financial Lit-Kit