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"Each week we have a conference call with a coach and we discuss different topics such as list building, value proposition, LinkedIn, etc. Last week we spoke about value proposition and the coach asked each of us 'what do you do?' I answered, 'as a financial advisor I help my clients get the best life possible with the money they have.' That VP stopped this coach in his tracks: he made me repeat this 3 different times and went on and on about how powerful that statement was. This was my 'aha moment'. I know that if that can stop a financial coach in his tracks, it will be transformational with prospects..."
—Nicholas C. Camp, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.


AUDIENCE: There are two versions of this program available. The Professional Version is designed to educate organizations and advisors serving retirement-aged customers. The Client Version is designed to help educate an organization's client and customer base. The client version is also appropriate for organizations providing employee education regarding retirement.
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Based on his seminal book, The New Retirementality: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams...At Any Age You Want!, The Changing Face of Retirement will show audience members how ROL (Return on Life™—getting the best life possible with the money you have) is replacing ROI as the core consideration when planning for the future.

This presentation will discuss the confluence of four modern trends that herald the end of retirement thinking as we know it:

  1. The evolving pursuit of fulfillment in our times.
  2. The end of the paternalistic employer.
  3. The advent of dismantling ageism.
  4. Distribution-driven Armageddon for financial services.

Growing old with lots of money is no longer the goal. Dying rich can't compete with living rich, and making a living doesn't measure up to making a life. When the idea of retirement was born, people traded physical capital for a paycheck—and so it was a practical necessity for people to retire. As a knowledge-based economy, intellectual capital, experiential capital, and relational capital are traded for a paycheck, leaving only one question to answer regarding the appropriate time to retire: What is the expiration date on my intellectual capital and on my experience? What those people still working in their 70s and even 80s will tell you is that they would be dead if they had not continued to engage their intellectual faculties.

The Changing Face of Retirement will help audience members find answers to the following questions:

  1. How will you spend your time? You have 168 hours a week; how will you make those hours meaningful?
  2. How will you invest yourself? How will you parlay what you know, what you've experienced, and who you are into the next phase of your life?