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AUDIENCE: There are two versions of this presentation available.The Professional Version is designed for financial services professionals, including advisors and their teams. The Client Version is designed to introduce advisors' clients to the concept of financial life planning.
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Based on Mitch’s breakthrough book, Your Clients for Life, this presentation focuses on how advisors can begin to move their practices toward the financial life planning model—where every product and service is tied directly to the life transitions and goals of the client.

Financial Life Planning (FLP) is a discovery process that focuses on who the client is instead of the assets he or she has. By using the FLP model, advisors can demonstrate to clients how every aspect of their lives has an impact on their wealth-building or wealth-protecting process.

During Financial Life Planning, Mitch will discuss the four areas of client discovery that are key to the FLP process:

Client history
Current and approaching life transitions
The importance of making goals tangible
The principles that guide clients' lives and money