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5 Skills for Building Stronger Client Relationships

AUDIENCE: Financial Services Professionals
Selling with Emotional Intelligence is offered in two formats: keynote presentation or workshop.
ALSO OF INTEREST: Selling with Emotional Intelligence (Book)

In today's ultra-competitive business environment, it's not enough for sales professionals to be adept at technical and tactical skills such as getting appointments, making presentations, and closing deals. To really succeed, they must develop and apply their relational skills—also known as emotional intelligence—to help them connect with people, recognize customer wants and needs, and build strong, lasting relationships.

Based on his popular book, Selling with Emotional Intelligence, Mitch shows participants how emotional intelligence relates to sales performance. Participants will learn what emotional intelligence is, and how to apply the concepts to improve their sales success.

Selling with Emotional Intelligence introduces sales professionals to the five essential steps to sales success, known as ARROW™:

    STEP 1: Awareness: Tuning into your natural strengths and weaknesses.

    STEP 2: Restraint: Identifying negative emotions that can damage relationships, inflict pain, and cost money.

    STEP 3: Resilience: Learning to develop an optimistic, persistent nature.

    STEP 4: Others (Empathy): Discerning feelings and motives; learning to be a better listener and observer.

    STEP 5: Working with Others (Building Rapport): Communicating; learning to relate to and lead others.