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AUDIENCE: Financial Services Professionals
ALSO OF INTEREST: StorySelling for Financial Advisors (Book)

Based on the concepts from StorySelling for Financial Advisors, this program will show any Financial Services Professional how to develop a unique practice by understanding the principles of storytelling:

    Employing Empathic Conversation.  Participants will learn what matters most to clients when it comes to making decisions. They will learn how to find and use stories and illustrations from life, hobbies, and interests to explain products and services offered to clients.

    Becoming a Better Biographer.  Participants will learn Mitch's breakthrough Q2 Inquiry Method and learn how to ask the questions that not only help them understand their clients better, but also forge stronger connections. Financial Services Professionals will learn how to build better relationships by asking better questions.

    Asking Questions that Get Results.  Participants will learn the three questions that unlock a client's story.

Telling the Financial Story is an inspiring and one-of-a-kind experience that has an immediate impact on business effectiveness. More than 50,000 Financial Services Professionals have already used these concepts to improve their client relationships and close more business.